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In recent years, sitcoms and rom-coms have become increasingly popular in the entertainment sector. The amount of web series available for free on Youtube has skyrocketed, and online streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar have seen an unexpected development trajectory. Regional languages have begun to increase their online visibility, and we have seen several platforms pick up steam and grow rapidly.

The popularity of Malayalam web series has been praiseworthy, however the wide range of genres for the visually appealing dramas frequently confuses viewers.

The perfect time to binge watch Malayalam web series on YouTube is right now because there is a lockdown in place and other activities are restricted. The most watched and well-liked Malayalam web series are listed below.

Here are 12 Malayalam web series that are accessible on OTT, ranging from Menaka, an investigative criminal thriller, to Karikku's Thera Para, a lighthearted online series about 4 young men.

12 Malayalam web series that you can binge watch

1. Thera Para

The story of George, Shambhu, Lolan, and Shibu, four pals who are bursting with desires and ideas but without a steady work, is told in Thera Para. It depicts the current issues these kids are dealing with and how they overcome obstacles in their lives. 

Thera Para Season 1 | Single Watch | Karikku- Download Click Here

This Malayalam series helped Karikku become one of the most well-known figures in the Malayalam online entertainment market, with close to seven million subscribers currently.


This humorous and hilarious web series by Karikku follows two young men who work at an IT company, following their popular web series Thera Para. 

Muthoot Fincorp Scoot | Single Watch | Karikku Fliq Download Click Here

They plan to construct a turf to avoid this job because they are dissatisfied with their work. The events that transpire as a result of this choice are the focus of the episode.

3. Plus Two Class- YouTube

Another relevant and entertaining miniseries by Karikku is Plus 2. The Plus Two class takes us back to our school days with quirky and original content after the amusing school occurrences. The online series, which debuted following their well-received Plus Two Free Period YouTube short film, features the same cast as earlier Karikku works.

4. Rock Paper Scissors

What problems could someone who lives outside of their home with a band of insane companions get into? The days you enjoy your independence and become self-sufficient, the days you understand how to respond to the outside world. 

Rock Paper Scissors Season 2 | Single Watch - Download Click Here

Three girls share an apartment in Rock Paper Scissors' story, along with the vignettes that follow them. Young minds full of energy and emotions will lead you to days well spent with a group you connect with.

5.Love ETC

A young heart is one that is susceptible to falling in love quickly. Being in the presence of the person who makes the time special for you is a blessing in and of itself. 

Love Etc | EP 01 | Malayalam Mini Webseries | Sillymonks Originals | Sarin , Nandini Sree - Download Click Here

The narrative centres on a couple who have been identified as having the amazing sickness of love and how they manage all of the consequences of their feelings and behaviours. Your emotions will be moved by the tale of the romantic drama as it explores life after love.

6.I Promise RIA

Relationships necessitate deals and sacrifices. They bolster the connection and occasionally sever weak ones as well. I Promise RIA is a love story with ingredients woven into a lively plot, as the name suggests. 

I Promise R.I.A | Ep 9 | Indian Pallassery | Aman Askar Official Sponsor Khelraja

This Malayalam web series on the internet explores the various nuances of a relationship while following the journey of three friends. The actors have great chemistry together, and the show successfully conveys the emotions of the audience. It is a favourite among fans of the romance genre.

7. Janaki

Janaki, an exceptional thriller from 11th Hour Productions, stands out from the crowd of romance and light comedy samples. Janaki will be included in the anthology of short films Ugly Things as a component of the black genre; the series has drawn viewers in with its engaging plot. 

Janaki - Life After A Breakup | Malayalam Short Film | Gopika Suresh

With only three episodes released, the series garnered a largely positive response from the audience, who were eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming instalment. In the group of the top Malayalam Web series, the series stands out for having a stellar IMDB rating.

8. Meenaviyal

Meenaviyal, a straightforward and enjoyable web series starring Archana Kavi and Arun Kurian, depicts the lovely love-hate connection between siblings. While her brother is the total opposite of Amrita, 

EASTERN'S MEENAVIYAL EPISODE 1| Apples and Oranges Download Click Here

The psychologist played by Archana, is laid-back and silent. Watch them as they navigate various challenges in Meenaviyal.


The web series, titled Sebastian's Friday, was viewed by over 100,000 people within an hour of its release. Anu K Anian of Karik fame will play the lead role. The web series is directed by Siddharth KT.

Geojit “Sebastiante Velliyazhcha” | EP1 | Webseries | Fliq Download Click Here


Anu K Anian of Karik fame will play the lead role

The web series is directed by Siddharth KT

Siddharth himself has done the cinematography

Karik Flick Channel's new web series is making waves on social media. The web series, titled Sebastian's Friday, was viewed by over 100,000 people within an hour of its release. Anu K Anian of Karik fame will play the lead role. The web series is directed by Siddharth KT.


Kazmi is currently working on Bandit Shakuntala and Chuhiya, and is also involved in a few international projects.

Filmmaker Hyder Kazmi, whose 2022 film Jihad won international acclaim but stirred up controversy in Bollywood, has now launched his own OTT platform named Mastani, where he will be releasing his films. Talking about the new digital streamer, Kazmi says, "Mastani, 

would be a great platform for meaningful and progressive cinema. Here, people can enjoy movies with their families. Not only Hindi films but also movies from Iran, Turkey and Hollywood are going to be launched on my OTT platform in Hindi. We will provide our audience with the best films from around the world."

Further on his goal for the OTT platform, the filmmaker says, "My goal is to entertain the audience with fresh content. Because of COVID, the only option for entertainment is OTT platforms, as going to theatres is not possible at the moment."

Kazmi is currently working on Bandit Shakuntala and Chuhiya, and is also involved in a few international projects. His first film Jihad, which won 45 awards, will be released through the OTT platform along with his upcoming big-budget web series The Red Land, which has Abhimanyu Singh, Govind Namdev and Flora Saini.


Pramod Mohan is the director of the short-form online series Unnam Marannu Thenni Parannu. The main characters are Sreeram Ramachandran, Vikeesha Rao, Sharan SS, Suphy Maria Mathew, Geetha Jithu, Pradeep Menon, and Nebin Kassim. Under the auspices of Scube Films, Shenuga, Shegna, and Sherga produce the television programme Unnam Marannu Thenni Parannu.


Dazzal Davis is the director of the Malayalam series Pooja Ki Jawani. The main characters include Mohammed Shariq, Swathika Vinod, Parvathy Ayyappadas, Indian, and Siyadh Shajahan.

Pooja Ki Jawani 
the 13th of February 2022
Views: Malayalam series Pooja Ki Jawani

Pooja Ki Jawani series was released on January 1st of 2022.


I give you the eagerly awaited HONEY BOSS (Ep-3) A Malayalam web series that centres on some unexpected, thamashafied events

An Exclusive Thamashapeedika Production

Praveen Kumar K. B., Story, Director
Head of Creative: Akhil Jijo
Prakash Alex, music
Team behind the camera: Jishnu Valsan, Ravin, and Nuru Ibrahim
Edits: Sachu Surendran and Abhil Raj
Design of the Poster: Binu P. K Thomas
Director's Associate: Sreeviswesh Babu
Director's assistant: Indrajith Prasanth
Abhishek Cheriyan, sound engineer and mixer
Rakesh Ragavan, Sreeviswesh Babu, and Thomas Fransis sync the sound.
Sajumon R. D., a colorist and nonconformist
Riya (absolute Beauty Clinic Koratty) is the makeup artist. Thomas Francis is the production controller.

Welcome, guys You are now watching Honey Boss | Short Web Series Episode 3 | Thamashapeedika on my blog website. And Thamashapeedika Uploaded This Video On 2022-09-03 01:23:26. This video is being promoted solely for purposes of entertainment and education. I hope you like visiting our website.

Information Regarding This Video Title Honey Boss | Short Web Series Episode 3 | Thamashapeedika Time of Video Downloader Video From Thamashapeedika The Upload Time For This Video Is 2022-09-03 01:23:26.
Introducing The Much-Awaited Honey Boss in the Video (Ep-3) A Malayalam web series that centres on certain unforeseen events


Avinaash Hariharan is the director of the Malayalam-language online series Shamna Kasim (also known as Poorna), which stars Kannamoochi and is made by Happy Unicorn, TrendLoud Production House, and Premiere on Zee5. The earnings and viewership of the Kannamoochi web series are likely to suffer from the early release of the pirated version on the Tamilrockers website. 

The online series was first broadcast on zee5. Zee5 premiered the web series on March 13, 202. Poorna, Vivek Prasanna, Amzath Khan, and Aaradhya are the stars of the film Kannamoochi.

Release date for the web series Kannamoochi:

Cast for the web series Kannamoochi: A web series like Kannamoochi does not need a large cast. Poorna acting is the pinnacle of acting, particularly in a few locations. Shamna Kasim plays Priya in the Kannamoochi web series.

Santosh as Amzath

Aishu as Aaradhya

As Manju, Shwetha

Balu smarabh as

Balu as a Younger Bhargav

Devaraj played by Vivek Prasanna

As Devaraj's wife, Gayathri

Loudersamy is Bose Venkat.

As Loudersamy's wife, Subhashini

Inspector Sri Charan

As Poongavanam, Saranya

Doctor Radhakrishnan

As the doctor's wife, Rukmani

Story on Kannamoochi Zee5

Priya and her little daughter reside in a leased apartment. As soon as the items are arranged and Little Aishu enters the flat, she vanishes.

15.Police Diary 2.0

Download the whole first season of Police Diary 2.0 (2022) in 720p and 480p from the ZEE5 web series. The theme of this ZEE5 WEB series is crime. There is a Hindi version of this series.

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Lust Kills | Police Diary 2.0 | Trailer | A  Original | Download Now On

It is a ZEE5 Original crime drama series with Santosh Prathap, John Kokken, Anjana Jayaprakash, and Pooja Ramachandran as the main cast members. This gripping television show, which is based on actual events,

centres on two special task force teams that look into some of Tamil Nadu's most terrible murders. Two special task force teams are on a mission to discover and look into the horrible crimes that have ravaged the state of Tamil Nadu in this action-packed series.

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